Different Types of Road Bikes for Sale

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  1. The recreational bike

recreational bikeThis kind of recreational road bike is very ideal for cyclists who love riding outdoor because its design suits to the irregular rides and excursions at the weekend. Moreover, it is considered as the next version of hybrid bike which fits to people being interested in Vehicle Street in their living place. Its advantage is to be faster than the hybrid and mountain bike thanks to its slighter frame, bigger front wheel and narrow type. With these benefits, it is very easy for riders to increase speed for climbing any hills.

  • You can easily recognize the difference between the best road bikes under 1000 and others which is the height of the saddle and handlebars the same. Therefore, riders will have the comfortable posture because they needn’t to bend over like other bikes. Even, you can still adjust if your road is the straight. However, this process is easily performed. With the design of short frame, riders’ hand will be less the stretch when reach to the handlebars of the recreational Schwinn bike.
  • The wheels are come with this type of bike which created the stability during riding. Consequently, riders usually feel safe and confident when riding it. Moreover, three gears are set in front of the bike come back itself from 7 to 10. It suits for riding hills.
  • Although it is the recreational bike, the ability to grip of this bike is pretty well. Riders are allowed finding for themselves the most comfortable posture. Furthermore, riders not only have the safe control mechanism but also can use it for your performances with the integrated brake and gear lever on the handles which are designed for the recreational bike.
  • The frame is made with aluminum with the light weight which suits for the road bike. Besides, the fork of the recreational bike is designed with carbon fiber in order to help increase shock.
  1. The sport bike

Sport BikeIn comparison with the recreational bike, sport bike is used a little performance. You can see the saddle which is designed higher than the handlebars. Therefore, riders need to have to bend forward a little bit. This one helps riders to get the speed faster. The top tube is also designed longer than the recreational bike but the wheelbase is shorter so as to help control better. With competitive riders, this one is the benefits.

In addition, sport bike is made from high-grade aluminum is owned the stiffer frame. Tubes with the thin design, it helps decrease the weight and increase the speed. This type of bike also has a fork which is made with carbon fiber.

To decrease the weight, instead of three, you will only see two chains in front of. Both the light wheel and the smooth gear suit for the competitive riding.

  1. The performance bikeperformance bike

It can say that there is the top of the first bike line. With performance bike, it only use in riding frequently; especially, people rarely utilize it in the competitive riding. With the specific design for the performance bike, you easily observed the saddle that is higher than the handlebars. Consequently, the riding position is lower; even, it is more aggressive and more power. Moreover, the top tube is long combines with the wheel has the ability to back. Therefore, riders are able to handle better when riding.

It is noticed that there is the frame which is made from the carbon fiber. These carbon fibers are not only lighter but also stiffer. Therefore, riders are able easily to get the best performance.


Top 5 Best X Rocker Chair

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top 5 x rocker chair
The gaming industry has absolutely become very competitive with the introduction of lots of brands. It also becomes challenging for many game enthusiasts to select the best gaming chair as they frequently get skeptical about the brands. Don’t worry! With an extensive survey, we’ve come to the final result that X Rocker is the best gaming chair brand in the marketplace today. Let’s take a look at the 5 best X rocker chair available on the market.

  • X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

With the X Rocker 5143601 II, you could now not just hear your music but truly FEEL it. Whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or game playing, you’ll become a part of it. It comes with wireless audio transmission, two forward facing speakers & one sub-woofer. The Ergonomic design comes with a full back support & the foldable engineering enables for ease of storage & portability. You can connect this chair to the most video games, video or audio devices.

  • X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

This gaming chair is equipped to the fullest for players & people who would like to enjoy their fun experience at the highest level. It has a subwoofer able to 2.1 AFM Technology, 2 built-in speakers, a wireless receiver & transmitter. It’s also easy on the eyes and will most certainly have you lying comfortable while you gun down noobs. This chair allows you to tilt & swivel for hours of comfort & Gunstock arms offer support & a wonderful look. You can connect the chair to several chairs of its kind for a superior experience.

  • X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

This chair is something within the budget & provides comfort & durability simultaneously. This chair has 2.1 sound systems & has 2 built-in speakers together with a subwoofer. It is compatible with nearly any sort of games (Xbox, Gameboy, Playstation, Nintendo, MP3s, Wii, DVDs, etc.) Also, it comes with an ergonomic design that assists you keep your posture fit. You can fold the chair for easy storage and portability.

  • Ace Bayou Sound X-Rocker II SE

This X Rocker chair comes with an effortlessly adjustable mechanic, which makes it simple to store away. It is among the more sturdy & well-protected units on this list, because of its structured furniture & fire retardant foam filling. This X Rocker chair setup offers you with the ability to connect your USB-powered headsets & output the best sound possible.

  • Wireless X Rocker Pro Series Video Rocker with Vibration

This innovative video game chair comes with a foam-filled seat complete with flexible armrests& padded headrest for comfort. This chair has a 2.1 AFM Sound technology with 2 built-in speakers & a subwoofer that is located in the headrest. It is developed utilizing a black & grey vinyl with sturdy wood & metal frame. You can widely connect this chair to a number of media devices & other data formats easily.

All in all, X Rocker has got its very own magic spell & not a soul can avoid this well-known brand. For every person who hasn’t tried their hands on the game playing chair & are intending to do so should absolutely go for this brand. Comfort, entertainment & enjoyment are guaranteed.


Title: ‘100 Breaker’ Still Going Strong

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‘100 Breaker’ Still Going Strong


When Samuel Henry Ball passed the test to renew his Florida driver’s license not long ago, he was as tickled as a teenager getting a learner’s permit. “Good for four more years,” he said with a wide smile.

Ball, better known as Errie, will be 104 when the license expires, and when his Garmin Approach S2 broken too. This watch is amazing, he was love it at first look in a garmin s2 reviews, when he read some golf gps reviews at Golfgpscenter.net.

He’s even better known as the lone survivor of the first Masters in 1934. The short, slightly built centenarian looks 75 and thinks 35. He’s been teaching golf for 80 years is the country’s oldest active PGA teaching proand later this year will be inducted into the PGA Golf Professional Hall of Fame. (For perspective, it was 100 years ago that the first transcontinental flight took place, from New York to Pasadena. It took more than 80 hours.)

Keeping his shiny 2008 black Cadillac at a careful speed, Ball drives the four miles from his home, where he lives with his wife of 70-plus years, to Willoughby GC in Stuart, Fla. He avoids rush hours and hazardous areas with the deftness of his friend Jack Nicklaus managing a golf course.

A bronze bust of Ball stands near the first tee at the club where he’s the pro emeritus and still gives lessons and hits balls. “He was out today,” said Gerry Knebels in a recent conversation, Willoughby’s head pro, who was an assistant to Ball at Butler National GC in Chicago where Ball was director of golf for the club’s first 27 years. “Hit balls with his 19-degree hybrid. He’s giving a lesson on Friday. We’re all in awe of him.”


You will fall in love with these amazing electric scooters

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The increased number of people driving electric scooters is a clear indication that the love for these scooters is on the rise. More and more people have started to like them. There are several reasons behind this such as exceptional mileage, can be easily parked and carry a practical approach with them.

As we know that the gasoline prices are moving north with each passing day, there is a great need of vehicles that consumes less energy and gives maximum output. These energy efficient best electric scooter are proving to be the best thing that can happen to mankind. As compared to 2013 the sales of these scooters have grown by almost 70 percent in 2014.

Super turbo 1000

It is like skating on land

  • You must have heard about the skating on snow but driving an electric scooter is like skating on land. If you are living downtown, then these scooters can help you enjoy your daily commuting. In fact, it will make the entire time fun and easy. The best part is that most of the electric scooter models are compact in size. You can use them as a perfect alternate to crowded public transport and then easily park it in your office building or even near your desk.
  • You can also easily charge them whenever you see that the battery level is low. The amount of electricity consumed while charging is also very less. The entire battery takes only 1 to 2 hours for a complete

You can easily save lots of money on gas

  • Even the normal gas based scooter consumes a lot of gas but not these electric scooters. You can save a huge amount of money they you normally spend while traveling on gas based scooters.
  • There are many people who have turned their interest to these scooters after they lost the privilege of driving gas based scooter. Some people even find traveling on an electric scooter highly romantic and pure fun.
  • In the Far East, you can see people traveling on these lovely electric scooters. Previously, the roads were full of traffic and frequent traffic jams but now after more and more people starting driving these scooters there have been a great reduction in the traffic and people are happy.

As the sales are increasing, the companies are coming up with better and advanced designs with refined and polished batteries which give extraordinary performances.

Super turbo 1000 watt electric scooter is one of the most popular models

  • Super turbo 1000 watt electric scooter model is one of the most popular electric scooter models. It has got all the interesting features that a bike and the electric scooter can have. One of the most interesting features of this model is that it can be used as a cycle as well as an electric scooter. Hence, if you are in the middle of the road and the battery gets finished then you can drive it like a cycle and reach your destination easily.
  • Apart from the above said model there is another best electric scooter for adults model that is becoming the talk of the town and is called as Xootr. The best thing about Xootr is that it is extremely light weight and is ideal for kids and youngsters.

The best thing about electric scooters is that women are also finding them easy to drive and as per the latest estimates that are over 60 percent women users who use these electric scooters. So, now you can very well judge that, the popularity of these eco-friendly scooters is increasing and a day will come when you will see them playing in large number on roads.


Bench Press 101: Increasing Your Bench Press- Step by Step Guide (2)

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2. Next step is to find the perfect hand positions on the bar.

Each lifter has its own preferred hold width such as they usually prefer that their middle finger, pinkies and ring should be on the bar. A broader hold will stronger your chest but it will reduce the range of motions.

Try to do experiments with different types of hand positions in order to find out the perfect style of benching which will suit your body. These experiments will also activates the muscles of the body and also enable the body to know that you are about to lift. Once you have hold the bars then you should try to reset it by maintaining your hold on the bar.

3. Now it’s a perfect time for your hand off.

Try to make it sure that lifters do not lift the bar too much high because if he do so, it will take him out of the position while opening up his shoulder blades.

4. At this stage lifters have the bar in their hands.

Now they are ready for the negative/descent. Descent has different speed in every lifter. But the main point is that, whatever speed the lifter feel toughest with, will be their perfect speed. Usually lifters would have a 90- degree angle between his body and upper arms. They should try to have a 70- degree angle. And ultimately it should be closer to 60-40 once they get used to it. Wrist and elbow should be united.

bench press hand position

Because if the lifters touch the lower most of their chest and their elbows =are not inserted much, then wrists will be ahead of their elbows which can be a quiet life threatening position. So it is recommended to touch the lower and lower till you find your toughest area. It might be around the bottom of the chest and might be slightly lower than it, if the lifter has tucked enough and has a decent curve. If the lifter is benching right now, he will feel it in his back.

As the bar goes down try to bend it. Now lifter is also bending from his pinkies while rotating his hands. So it can see that right hand is rotating clockwise while left hand is rotating anti clockwise. His will result in kinetic energy to get buildup. Your body will act just like a rubber band in your imagination, and help you to boost the buildup with the enormous energy.

5. As the lifter press the bar, it’s quite natural for most lifters’ elbows to burst out.

After pressing the bar, try to keep the elbows inserted. Here again try to experiments and find out what suits you. Perfect way will be the one which help you to bench the most. Lifters should always try to burst out the bottom. They should use that force as an advantages for themselves. Consider both speed and force as your friends.

6. After reading all the above mentioned discretion, now get under the bar.

About the author, Mr. Eric Spoto is world class athlete and writer and holds Bench Press world record. He has also held seminars for diversified levels of athletes. He is also mentioned by many big names in magazines related bodybuilding field i.e. Planet Muscle, Ironman and Power magazine etc. He is also available online consulting and tips for players from different sports like boxing, power lifting, body building etc.

Bench Press 101: Increasing Your Bench Press- Step by Step Guide (1)

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This article envisioned tips and guide not only for starting level weight lifters but it also helps middle level and advanced level lifters. This article articulate the process of setup to lockout in a step by step guide.

Bench Press

Bench press exercise looks simple but at a higher competitive level, there are lot of simple techniques that can really take you long way. Always keep in mind that working out only of chest muscle is not the intention here, as each and every muscle of your body is used when bench press exercise is performed.

The Setup

It is important to note that on the bench, you always position your body in a way get minimum chance of damage and maximum strength. So following factors are needed to be taken care during setup:

  1. You should do an effort to pull shoulders back and downwards to maximum extend.
  2. Chest should be as high as it can be. While doing this exercise, it is necessary that there should be enough space between the bench and lower back. Because this help will help the other person to slide their hand under your back.

1. Foot positions:

Bench Press foot position

There are two main types of foot positions namely feet tucked back and feet in front. Both of them have its own pros and cons. I have come across many awesome benchers using both types of foot positions. You should have the basic knowledge about both of them. It is recommended to use choose the foot positions according to bench press techniques and your body style.

  • Feet Tucked Back:

Feet Tucked Back is not a frequently used foot position technique. It might become a difficult foot position technique, if your body is not flexible. It would be quite challenging to maintain your balance, with this foot position. Furthermore it’s impossible to produce as much leg drive power. Still it has one benefit, this foot position will help you have a more forceful arch. You can reduce your range of motions with the help of bigger arch. When the lifters get into this position, they will likely to be on the balls of their feet. I have come across many different couple lifters, who are capable to have their legs backs while their feet are flat on the ground. But this is quite unusual. The upper and lower legs of the lifters will make a 60-40 degree angle.

  • Feet in Front

Feet in Front is considered as the most common foot position. This feet position has various advantages. Firstly this foot position will allow you sit in the most perfect position while generating the extreme amount of leg drive. Secondly the broad base of lifters with help them to stay balanced throughout the lift.

How to shop with the baby

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If you are going to the mall, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with the baby. With proper planning, you can enjoy shopping with the baby. It is pivotal for you to ensure you carry the necessary baby products that you will need to make the baby comfortable. First and foremost, you need to get the best products for a baby such as baby strollers, here you can get the best choice by click here to see the full reviews of the best umbrella strollers


1. Planning ahead

With a new born baby, you cannot just wake up and go to the mall. You need to plan ahead and organize yourself before you go shopping. You need to make a list of all the things that you need to buy. This will ensure that the visit is fast and easy. You can also make the list in categories so that you won’t have to keep moving from one place to the other.

2. Understand and choose the best time

There are certain times where shopping can be fun and exciting. You should not go to the mall when it is crowded. It will be challenging to move with the baby around the stores if there are many people in the pathways. There are times when the baby will want to go out and sometimes they will not be up to it. So you need to ensure that the baby is well rested. You should go with the baby when they have already taken their nap. To avoid any disturbance, you should ensure that the baby is well fed before going out. In addition to this, you need to ensure that you have carried a healthy snack for the baby.

3. Carry the essential items

The trip may be short, but you need to carry baby products for him to use. Their comfort should be your number one priority. You should thus pack wisely. You need to carry diapers, wet wipes and extra baby clothes. A pacifier or a teething toy will come in handy when the baby becomes cranky. However, before you leave the house, you need to change the baby’s diapers. Remember that you can never be too prepared for unexpected circumstance. Exercise caution when it comes to packing. You should just carry the necessary items that the baby might need.

4. Safety first

New born babies are prone to infections, so you need to carry protective clothes for you and the baby. It is important to carry cart covers that you can wear while shopping. The carts are full of germs and since you will be handling the baby you need to be safe. You should however bring a hand sanitizer to clean your hands before you touch the baby.
Don’t not stress, you can enjoy your shopping with the baby. All you need to do is ensure that the baby is well taken care of. You should be flexible enough to adjust yourself in any situation. If the baby gets agitated, do your best to calm them down despite the many awkward looks you will be getting.